New Centigon Solutions Tech-Tuesdays for Community-Driven Learning

By October 22, 2012No Comments

Tech-Tuesdays,  a weekly community-driven event. Tech-Tuesdays is the cornerstone of Centigon Solutions renewed focus on community engagement and education. The  ultimate goal is to help customers, partners, and new Centigon Gurus succeed and share experiences using of Centgion Solutions dashboard and Location Intelligence solutions. “We have done a great job solving problems and filling gaps with our technology solutions, but have never put enough focus socializing the successes that our customers have had using our technology”, said Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions founder. “Our Tech-Tuesdays event provides us with a forum to educate, but more importantly a way to engage our users on a weekly basis as they evaluate, implement, and ultimately succeed with our technology.” Tech-Tuesdays is presented as a free web event held every Tuesday from 9-9:30am Pacific Standard Time. Recordings of each Tech-Tuesdays session are available for the new Centigon Gurus community, which is also available as a free membership. Anyone can submit and vote on topics that will be announced weekly. Visit the Tech-Tuesdays homepage An upcoming list of topics are below: