Indoor Location Intelligence: The New Frontier

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Indoor Analytics Everywhere!

For example, if you think about your experience each time you walk into a coffee shop, there is a tremendous volume of data that you generate. Even your movements inside of a brick and mortar store are telling when you extrapolate that data across multiple patrons for a period of time. The following analytics illustrate how movement by itself can indicate behavior. When coupled with point of sale, membership, and demographic data, the possibilities are limitless.

The challenges:

1. Location Awareness:

The smart phone and tablet devices we use today are moderately accurate at tracking geographic coordinates using GPS. All bets are off once you move to an indoor space where accuracy is much more important for the consumer. Consumers are familiar with opening a device and hitting a single button to orient them-selves in physical space. This is where standards will become very important in the future. From Wifi triangulation, to Bluetooth, light, magetic fields, motion cameras, etc. No technology is off the table as vendors hunt for the most effective and cost efficient way to retrofit brick and mortar facilities with proper technology to understand consumer behavior and presumably enhance the consumer experience.

2. The Indoor Meta Data:

While digital geographic data is readily, publicly available, buildings schematics, blueprints, and the contents within the walls are typically not digitally stored anywhere; especially for older buildings. When considering indoor mapping you typically separate permanent structure from the contents inside of the space. Depending on the use case, these maps can change weekly (trade show space), monthly (data centers, malls, etc), or annually (airports, office buildings). A flexible approach is required as organizations like Nokia and Google along with smaller independant organizations work to make high traffic, public locations readily available for consumer applications and indoor navigation

GMaps Mobile is Going Indoors:

At Centigon Solutions, we have been cooking up our own approach for indoor mapping, planned for GMaps Mobile V3 release later this year. While we take on these challenges head on through partnerships, and our own proprietary technology, our team will provide a sneak peek of our indoor mapping capabilities at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG ANNUAL. ]]>