How to Simplify Location Intelligence for SAP Analytics

By June 10, 2014No Comments

“SAP is simple from now on.” -Bill McDermott The word “simple” is subjective, requiring perpetual improvement of process and technology. At Centigon Solutions, we have worked with razor sharp focus to simplify location intelligence for SAP BusinessObjects customers and have embraced simplicity as the driving force to deliver value to customers. Listening to customer feedback is how we educate ourselves to constantly improve and simplify our CMaps Analytics offering. Here is how we deliver simplicity today with CMaps Analytics and continuously look for ways to streamline and improve our customer’s experience. As always we are open to your interpretation and feedback to how we are doing.

Simple User Experience:
Using consumer-friendly experiences like Google Maps delivers familiarity that is critical to user adoption.
Simple Software Architecture:
Cloud services that extend the value of on-premise analytics is the key to our success. The result removes dependence on IT and simplifies maintenance and infrastructure.
Simple Development:
Existing workflows and standards
Piggybacking on existing, well adopted platforms and tools, we take a plugin approach to deliver incremental value with embedded location analytics. Simple Learning Curve:
Not everything can be simplified to a few push buttons. As such, education and knowledge to shorten the learning curve is important. Simple Packing:
Subscription Bundles
We have simplified licensing and pricing to pre-determined bundles based on the most common deployment scenarios. All inclusive subscriptions allow us to perpetually innovate and deliver value to customers. ]]>