Essentials Plugin Bundle 2.0 for Xcelsius 2008 is Now Available

By March 2, 2010No Comments

Centigon Solutions is excited to announce Essentials Plugin Bundle 2.0 for Xcelsius 2008. With our newly enhanced components for Xcelsius, your organization can streamline dashboard development, improve performance, and introduce powerful capabilities previously un-attainable with Xcelsius. We would like to invite you back to download a free trial and provide us with the opportunity to improve your dashboard devlopment process immediately. background NEW ESSENTIALS 2.0 FEATURES: New Background Designs
Background Builder now includes over 40 styles housed in the new browser to create stunning layout designs. Bindable properties and a streamlined appearance tab make Background Builder a powerful graphic design tool.
LEARN MORE background Advanced Filtering Capabilities
Filtered Summary is now equipped with new filtering and summarization options making it the most powerful logic component essential to Xcelsius development.
background Improved Multi-Column Sorting
Dynamic Sort now supports multi-column sorting, dynamic sort order, and bindable sort types. Sort in place or into a destination range to fulfill any dashboard sorting requirements.
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