Does Google Maps Provide Real Enterprise Location Intelligence?

By November 2, 2012No Comments

GMaps Plugin within days of release. Since then, we have expanded our product line for mobile workers with GMaps Mobile. More importantly, we have refined our vision for what enterprise mobile location intelligence should do and how Centigon Solutions will lead the way. Google Maps is the canvas for which we paint business analytics on top and it is by far the best enterprise mapping platform. Location Intelligence is NOT the ability to plot pins on Google Maps, Apple Maps, or any other map. Location Intelligence is the application of technology to drive insight using spatial relationships and business information together. If this sounds familiar, it is because Business Intelligence suffers from the same problem where the industry too often focuses on technology rather than results. Like BI, location intelligence is half technology and half business process. As the demands for Location Intelligence continuously increases, we at Centigon Solutions are carefully growing our cloud-based mobile location intelligence platform. With exciting new interactive visualization capabilities we are also building powerful services for querying, calculating, and serving up location data from many different sources. A great example of how we can derive real intelligence for a mobile worker is through our new GMaps Mobile filter pane:

When the wow-effect of clicking on points on a map wears off, GMaps Mobile provides you with a way to isolate specific points based on business metrics, proximity, and alert thresholds. The results provide you with both a plain english description, and a geo-spatial representation. For example, the screenshot above indicates that this user wanted to see all locations within 15 miles of a specific address (which happened to be the user’s current location), where assessor land value was between a specified $ amount. With these locations selected, a user could either compare, navigate, share, or bookmark this information for later reference. Within seconds, you can narrow down your focus to the assets, people, or events that you care about so you can take action and move forward with your day. Today’s mobile workers want instant information on the go and that is what we designed GMaps Mobile for. As we move forward, GMaps Mobile will provide you with even more ways to analyze BIG data, execute more actions, and collaborate faster with other mobile workers. Stay tuned for more announcements before the end of 2012. Starting today, you can get the latest version of GMaps Mobile 2.0.1 where you can test our newly designed filter panel.]]>