#CMapsAnalytics2015 Web Event Announced for June 16th

By May 29, 2015No Comments

On June 16th, Centigon Solutions will unveil a new wave of Location Analytics solutions during its semi-annual virtual event. #CMapsAnalytics2015 will be jam-packed with exciting new examples how to combine location, proximity and distance with business data through CMaps Analytics. “Our semi-annual virtual event is a great opportunity to demonstrate to our customers, partners and over 500 Centigon Gurus community members our commitment to push the envelope using our CMaps Analytics platform,” said Lisa Neale, Centigon Solutions’ VP of Sales. “We are geared up to pull out all of the stops and blow away our community with exciting new ways to graduate from maps to Location Analytics” #CMapsAnalytics2015 web event is June 16th at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern. RESERVE YOUR SPOT