CMaps Plugin 4 is Now Generally Available

By September 27, 2013No Comments

Centigon Solutions officially released CMaps Analytics for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. Announced in August, CMaps Plugin is now generally available as a fourth major release allowing SAP BusinessObjects customers to create custom geo analytics inside of existing dashboards. With a global customer base, spanning most major industries, GMaps Plugin had become the most widely adopted location intelligence integration for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. CMaps Analytics provides a framework and tools to transform a plugin approach to location intelligence into a full fledged location analytics platform. What’s Next for CMaps Analytics?
In addition to several new enhancements CMaps Plugin has been engineered to take advantage of the latest mobile/HTML5 publishing. In early Q4, Centigon Solutions will release a hot fix, allowing customers to start harnessing mobile geo-analytics within SAP BusinessObject mobile.]]>