CMaps Analytics Maps Roadmap for SAP

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CMaps Analytics: From Plugin to Platform Our mission is “Location Intelligence for Everyone.” Our path to get there is through CMaps Analytics Designer. We have been carefully evolving our blueprint and platform to to “mapify your business KPIs” using location, proximity, and distance. Our unique cloud-first approach is ever-expanding along with our partner integrations.

Our Existing Customer’s Needs for an Xcelsius Successor 

A “next generation dashboard solution” should deliver a modern dashboard experience, faster, and easier than its predecessor. Design Studio for the broad SAP Dashboards customer base is still not ready without changing process, personnel, and in some cases custom development (which could be considered a strength or weakness)
The team at Centigon Solutions has regularly recommended Antivia DecisionPoint as a natural successor to SAP Dashboards over the last 18 months for customers who are lucky enough to chose solutions outside of the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. CMaps for DecisionPoint
We are thrilled to work with the Antivia team to bring CMaps Analytics to DecisionPoint. This week, we announced 2 exciting webinars where we will unveil the results of this collaboration.

WEBINAR 1: How to Revolutionize your BI with Maps

Role and Future Direction for CMaps Analytics for SAP

CMaps Analytics today is platform agnostic thanks to the creation of CMaps Analytics Designer and CMaps Analytics cloud APIs. Moving forward, CMaps Analytics Designer power all future integrations inside and outside of SAP. Ultimately CMaps Analytics will be embedable across the entire SAP suite (reports, dashboards, storyboards, business apps). The first steps to this approach is currently available for CMaps Analytics with SAPUI5 and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. We have carefully planned our future integrations for SAP’s new wave of BI tools like Design Studio and Lumira to ensure we can deliver the same quality while keeping licensing fees reasonable for customers. As these products and their SDKs reach a point of maturity and user adoption, we will release to market premium extensions for CMaps Analytics Designer.


Antivia DecisionPoint is what our team will continue to recommend as the best successor to Xcelsius. However, based on your future investments in SAP, customers are covered regardless of the dashboard technology choice. Additionally, as we still continue to onboard new SAP Dashboards customers, there is continued investment from Centigon in our Flash extension along with regular updates to our mobile dashboard mapping capabilities (powered by latest CMaps Analytics JS API). Innovating Today to Answer Tomorrow’s “Where” Questions
While we innovate ahead, we are anticipating your Location Intelligence challenges and questions that lie ahead of you. We are designing for “Internet of Everything”, Indoor Maps, drive-time / proximity analysis, and deeper GIS integrations. Our goal is to provide not only technology, but a blueprint to make you successful in using maps for Business Intelligence. ]]>