CMaps Analytics for Mobile App Design

By May 5, 2015No Comments

CMaps Analytics Javascript API was originally designed as a mobile Business Intelligence app. The origins of CMaps Analytics have dramatically impacted our approach to ensure a cross-platform, mobile ready solution. CMaps Analytics Javascript API inherits maps and services from Google Maps API for Work leading to a develop once, deploy everywhere approach to Location Intelligence. For mobile apps design and integration the following considerations ensure that we have you covered for most scenarios with CMaps Analytics.

Browser vs Native Apps vs Hybrid
CMaps Analytics does not currently support iOS or Android implementations of Google Maps API at this time. However, CMaps Analytics can be easily utilized inside of a native iOS WKWebView or Android Webview. This modern approach to weaving HTML5 content inside of a native app without sacrificing performance is something that most popular apps have fully embraced over the last 2 years. Additionally the rise of hybrid frameworks (like PhoneGap) for compiling native Apps with a web container have dramatically increased in popularity.. CMaps Analytics can be utilized and seamlessly integrated into most hybrid apps.
Online vs Offline Apps
Mobile App development should always consider online vs offline requirements, along with network availability for end users. Today, CMaps Analytics APIs are designed for apps with network availability because of Google Maps JS API requirements. Alternative offline APIs are planned in future versions of CMaps Analytics to ensure you are covered for any mobile maps scenarios. 
If you have integration needs, feel free to contact our team and we are happy to help ensure your next mobile app is Location Intelligence ready with CMaps Analytics.