Centigon Solutions is Doubling Down on Embedded Location Analytics

By October 21, 2014No Comments

Our loyalty to our existing customers is always priority #1, so we will introduce a new exciting new wave of HTML5-based extensions for SAP,  powered by CMaps Analytics Designer. In parallel we are expanding our reach beyond SAP to ensure our customer’s can use CMaps Analytics across the enterprise. NEW PARTNERSHIPS
A great example, is our new partnership with Onix, who will offer CMaps Analytics as a premium connector for Google Maps for Work. With a focus on the enterprise, Centigon Solutions and Onix together can now deliver a Business Intelligence focus to the Google for Work ecosystem. Onix NEW INTEGRATIONS
From Salesforce.com to SAP Fiori, our team at Centigon Solutions is focused on delivering embedded location intelligence where you work, how you work. A great example is our upcoming integration with LaunchWorks, which will allow customers to create map views inside Salesforce.com and blend BusinessObjects and Salesforce.com data together in a single view. PLATFORM AGNOSTIC
CMaps Analytics is 100% Platform Agnostic, which allows the team at Centigon Solutions focus on building the best possible geo-analysis experiences, while our expanding list of partners and customers who are more than comfortable to take the reigns and build amazing apps, thanks to the ease and availability of tools for rapid development. TRY IT AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF!
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