GeoSpatial Analytics with or without GIS

As the popularity of Location Intelligence explodes, enterprise business stakeholders are realizing new opportunities to use geo-spatial relationships for measuring success and driving action. To deliver Location Intelligence, new leading providers have turned to OpenSource and cloud, vs direct GIS integrations. At CMaps Analytics, we are pushing forward bring together the best of 3 worlds with OpenSource data, ESRI ArcGIS as a featured integration, and proprietary data/services delivered by leading providers like Google Maps for Work. We are pushing the envelope serving as a platform agnostic glue to bring together spatial and business data.

Exciting Customer / Partner Success Led by Domain Expertise

There are multiple paths to success for creating Location Intelligence. However, these paths always starts with your organization’s culture, skills, and processes for creating new supporting analytics.  This internal dialogue to embark on spatial analytics for BI is something my team has been working on with our Mapify your KPIs program. For example path to success is exemplified by a company called nVision Group. They are harnessing Alteryx to power next generation geo-dashboards for some of the largest telecom and financial service organizations in the world. That is why I have invited their CEO to speak and share his customer’s path to Location Analytics success.

Learn How: Join us for our Mapify your KPIs series

Learn how nVision users Alteryx as a spatial analytics engine to power Business Intelligence dashboards for large telecom and financial services companies. Join special guest Chris Ovens, former head of Location Analytics for ESRI as we evaluate how the modern Business Intelligence and Analytics marketplace is impacting GIS and Location Intelligence today and moving forward. ]]>