Lower Barrier to Succeed with Location Intelligence The barrier to create and benefit from Location Analytics has never been lower thanks to the following technology trends:

  • All analytics tools now include maps out of the box.
  • GIS solutions like ESRI are modernizing cloud offerings for new commercial use cases.
  • Innovative Location Intelligence companies like Carto are changing the landscape for Location Analytics
  • Open source data and frameworks, data, and maps make it easy and cheap to produce compelling geospatial apps.
  • Point solutions and integrations like CMaps Analytics make it easy to build and integrate Location Analytics into existing platforms and apps.

Assess your Geo Spatial Readiness

We put together our Geo Assessment to better communicate what is possible with Location Intelligence and benchmark your readiness alongside other professionals who are vested in similar platforms. With 5 minutes, we will align your abilities and needs with recommendations, regardless of your technical expertise or investments. assessmentcropped [su_button url="https://cmapsconnect.com/geoassessment/?source=cmapsblog" style="flat" background="#3e85d8" size="7" radius="0" icon="icon: arrow-circle-o-right"]Start the Free Online Assessment[/su_button]

Want to Learn More About Location Intelligence?

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