What is a CMaps Analytics Card?

A widget is pre-packaged functionality in small “mini” apps designed for use with CMaps Analytics. Since CMaps Analytics Advanced Infowindow included 7 pre-created widgets we have had hundreds of requests for expanded functionality. Now, we have opened up an open API that our internal team can customize the right experience, and external developers can quickly learn to build amazing Location Intelligence apps. Now, we can work with you to embed value inside of any CMaps Analytics powered app, extension, and integration.

Build your Own Widgets

With a single click you can now add our out of the box widgets to your map. However, if you need something special for your organization, with some basic JavaScript skills and a few hours of work, you can launch new widgets inside of your CMaps Analytics map. Capture If you need help flushing out your idea, we are always here to help! Contact us [su_button url="https://cmapsconnect.com/apidocs/guide-custom-components/" style="flat" background="#3e85d8" size="7" radius="0" icon="icon: file-o"]View the Custom Card API Guide [/su_button]  

CMaps Widgets as a Service

We are thrilled to offer our customization services for creating custom widgets. Rather than spending weeks or months waiting on maps, we can work with you and get your customized maps widget integrated in hours.We have always believed that open APIs and embedded analytics is the future, so as the industry shifts in this direction, you already have a maps platform ready for tomorrow’s business requirements. [su_button url="/designer_trial" style="flat" background="#3e85d8" size="7" radius="0" icon="icon: key"]Get Started Today[/su_button]