PART 1: Top 3 IT Tips for Choosing Maps for SAP BusinessObjects

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For BI practitioners and business users all maps look the same! Assuming the end result is delivering value to your business, the burning question is what level of effort, expertise, and expense is required to transform information into Location Intelligence?

In this three part series, we will provide guidance to help you along the decision path to choosing the right solution for your business needs…

PART 1: Top 3  IT Tips for Choosing Maps for SAP BusinessObjects

Over the last year, SAP has focused more attention on maps and location intelligence than ever before. With announcements with Google and then ESRI, SAP has been providing an exciting glimpse into the future for quite some time… Location Intelligence is gaining momentum in the analytics space, but there seems to be a growing confusion within the BusinessObjects ecosystem to what is possible with SAP’s mapping capabilities out of the box, vs what you can download from ESRI, vs HANA spatial, vs 3rd party offerings.

#1. Do NOT base your technology procurement decisions on future promises.

Base it on the technology available today as a baseline for what will be possible tomorrow.  Your business users are not going to wait around for you to stand up servers, engage specialists, or wait for new releases from SAP to seek a better alternative for delivering maps.

#2 Investigate the track record for product announcement to delivery time and rate of enhancements.

With so many options available for dashboards, self service BI, and mobile apps, you need to make sure that your mapping tools will keep up with business user expectations and rapid Tableau adoption. In part 2, we will cover the spectrum of user expectations and what tools are at your disposal.

#3 Do your due diligence and make sure your needs are possible when rubber meets the road

Download the technology, use it, and explore for yourself. You want to gauge the effort and expertise you need on hand to deliver value to your business users. If your requirements and needs are in a product road map without a finite timeline for delivery, you should worry!

Still not sure where to start?

Let us help you. We have experts on staff who know the SAP BusinessObjects ecosystem inside out and can even make introductions to other partners and software solution providers,  regardless if CMaps Analytics is your path forward for location intelligence. We win as long as you are successful deploying location intelligence as a part of your BI strategy! Contact Us | Email Us | Call Us: 1 (800) 570-6806

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In Part 2, we will focus on the spectrum of Location Intelligence solutions for Business Intelligence users. Stay tuned!