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80% of your Data has a Location Element

BACKGROUND: Geospatial enabled apps and analytics exist to help you effectively use location, distance, and proximity to drive your business. Using the same business processes, key performance indicators, and technology platforms you have invested in, you have identified your needs and abilities to use Location Intelligence.

This report highlights your geospatial readiness, and provides suggestions on how you can enhance your ability to inject strategic spatial solutions within your business.



GIS and Advanced Location Analytics

Planning, server-side spatial processing and enrichment.

Spatial Analysis Apps

Use geography to drive deeper analysis and interactivity.

Geo Map Visualizations

Display points, administrative areas and conditional coloring.



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Our developer / affiliate program is perfect for individual developers or independent contractors who want to deliver Location Intelligence to customers quickly, with minimal investment.
Work hand in hand with our sales and technical support staff to introduce CMaps Analytics to your customers and earn commissions.

Partner Benefits

  • Access to consulting partner portal, basic sales materials, and presentations
  • Earn one-time commissions
  • Influence over product features and access to early release candidates
  • Access to NFR software


Mapify your KPIs Webinars

Assess your Location Analytics Readiness

8 Questions to rank your strengths and opportunities for combining your business processes, data, and analytics with geography.

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