An expert’s take on how the shift to modern BI and Analytics platforms will impact the future of Location Analytics

Thursday March 17, 9-9:30am PST / 12-12:30pm EST

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Hosted discussion by CMaps Analytics CEO, Ryan Goodman and special guest Chris Ovens, former head of Location Analytics for ESRI.

The demand for Location Intelligence is shifting from IT-centered platforms and specialized tools, to modern line of business focused solutions. Cloud, OpenSource, mobility, and big data have disrupted and enhanced the GIS marketplace.

Join us for a “Mapify your KPI” web event where our special guest Chris Ovens, former head of Location Analytics at ESRI, Gartner speaker, and serial entrepreneur will share his insights alongside Ryan Goodman, CMaps Analytics CEO. Together they will paint a picture for analytics stakeholders, Business Intelligence professionals, and GIS pros, how enterprises will succeed in using Location Analytics moving forward.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the shift in purchasing decision and focus on self service data discovery is impacting GIS
  • Where the biggest opportunities exist for customers to extract value from Location Intelligence
  • What the future looks like for the Location Intelligence marketplace


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