CMaps Analytics Region Creator is a free, open-source utility designed for typical business intelligence practitioners or dashboard developers. It’s role is to transform  geographic administrative areas like zip, state, and country into custom business regions and territories for use not only in CMaps Analytics, but also standard mapping solutions from SAP, Tableau, and others.

What was once a labor-intensive, time-consuming process is now simplified with a handful of clicks…

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Install Requirements

Quantum GIS 1.8 and higher.

What is Quantum GIS?

CMaps Region Generator is built on top of Quauntum GIS, which is an Open-Source GIS desktop application. It is a feature-rich tool for creating, editing, and analyzing geospatial data on the desktop. There is no server required to use Quantum GIS. In many cases QuantumGIS has been widely adopted as an alternative to ESRI ArcGIS desktop.


What you need to Create Custom Regions

1. Download Quantum GIS 1.8 and higher.

2. Download Shapefile with the lowest common administrative areas (zip, state, country, etc).

We have most common data files ready for use with CMaps Region Generator. Click here to download common data files or request data

3. Your region definitions formatted as a 2 column Excel file or CSV file.

This is an important aspect of merging common geographies into custom regions. Your business data will need to contain unique identifying information for each common geography like State name, or county code (FIPS). We recommend using standardized codes if you have it available in your master data to avoid mismatches. For example, if you are merging countries you would want to use ISO2 (US,CA) or ISO3 (USA,CAN) codes rather than names (United States, Canada). Otherwise you could have a mismatch in the shape data from your master data.

An upcoming hotfix will provide you with a list of mismatches to make it easier to identify and correct.

Created in Collaboration with Lutra Consulting

CMaps Analytics Region Creator was built as a collaborative effort with Lutra Consulting. Lutra Consulting’s staff have delivered innovative solutions to their clients’ projects in the UK water engineering sector using their solid background in hydraulics and knowledge of software development and GIS. If you have GIS development projects, or need extensions built, the Lutra Consulting team is available to assist you. Learn more about Lutra Consulting

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Where to Use CMaps Analytics Region Generator Output

CMaps Analytics Designer
Antivia DecisionPoint
CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards
CMaps Extension SAP Web Intelligence
CMaps Extension for SAP Lumira
SAP Design Studio
More tutorials coming soon!


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