Troubleshooting CMaps for Lumira

Symptom: After adding data to Lumira, the visualization area shows up white

SAP Lumira has a number of network settings that control how Lumira will connect to third party services. In the case of CMaps Analytics, it connects to CMaps Analytics JS API and Google Maps JS API for map tiles.

If you open a map and it shows up blank, there is a good chance your computer network settings are prohibiting access to SAP Lumira. Go to File>Preferences

Select Network

Try selecting Use System Proxy Settings


If this issue persists, please report this to CMaps Analytics support. It can be a licensing issue (most common) or another issue we may need to troubleshoot where your network could be blocking access to Google Maps or CMaps APIs.

Symptom: After installing a CMaps extension, you get an error “Cannot display this chart”

1. Check if your CMaps Analytics template contains data. If there is data present, check “None.”

The GA version of CMaps for Lumira will automatically cleanse your component of data when you export.


2. With data cleared, please export to XML and send to

Advanced Debugging Steps

In the event where CMaps support team needs to investigate issues not solved through basic troubleshooting, Lumira has a debug feature that will dramtically speed up support. You can implement the following steps to enable Lumira debug mode

STEP 1. Go to this file:

C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\SAPLumira.ini

Edit the file and add the following line at the end. To edit the file you may need to copy and paste it to another directory before editing in notepad.


You may need to copy this file to another folder and edit it.

Copy the modified file back into

C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\