Troubleshooting CMaps Analytics in Webi Reports

This troubleshooting guide assumes that you have installed CMaps Analytics extension. For administrative troubleshooting, please see the Admin Guide

Checking your Version

If you have run into a problem, the version will be very useful information. The version number is located at the bottom of the Help tab. If you can’t find the version number on the help tab you are likely running an older version of the extension that needs to be upgraded. Please carefully follow the upgrade instructions on the admin guide

Switch from Java to HTML Viewer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of the HTML5 Viewer. Java viewer is not supported with CMaps Analytics. Though the Java and Rich Client versions of Webi are supported by SAP BusinessObjects, it does require you to connect  to the BusinessObjects repository via IP address, instead of the domain. More Troubleshooting Tips


What we need to quickly Help You

If you first read through the symptoms below and still don’t have a quick resolution, we want to help get you moving forward quickly. The following will help us try to resolve your issue on the first inquiry.

Open a case by clicking on any of the help links on our website or simply email with the following info:

  • What version of BOE you are running service pack and fix pack
  • What version of the Webi extension are you running
  • What browser are you running. Many times if IE 10, we will ask if the issue can be replicated in Chrome (only if you have chrome).
  • Confirm wich symptom you ran into below and what steps didn’t work to resolve
  • If it is a new symptom please explain what went wrong
  • If it is related to a custom map template, please attach the XML project for us to validate.
  • If it looks to be a not common issue, we may need some additional debugging information. The following explains what the typical process is to gain insight to what may be occurring on your system / browser
  • Send debug info- Not necessary the first time you email us:
    How to send us debuggin information

Common Symptoms and Resolutions

Symptom: I open my Webi doc, and it is frozen on the main or I get a failed to load XML related error:

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1. Are running an unsupported version of BOE?

Unsupported versions :

Versions older than BI4.1 SP04
BI4.1 SP05 up to BI4.1 SP05 FP05- There was a bug inside of Webi that was surfaced during development that we reported to SAP and was resolved for FP05.

2. Are you running an unsupported version of IE?

IE9 is not officially supported because CMaps Analytics uses HTML5 visualizations for high-performance maps. Legacy mapping technologies that may support IE8-IE9 use images which perform poorly.

3. Is your BI environment HTTPS?

Make sure you go to Design Mode and enable “Load Map using SSL”


Symptom: When I create a new map in a report I get this error:


Solution: First click to save your report. Then re-initialize the extension by clicking on another in the left-hand menu  and then click back onto the CMaps icon to re-open the map. That will re-initialize the map. The reason for this step is a synchronization related issue with the Webi SDK.


Symptom: When I click bind, nothing happens

1. This is usually a symptom of an incompatible version of SAP BusinessObjects (90% of the time it is a version BI4.1 SP05 prior to FP6) this addresses a critical issue related to saving and loading variables in Webi which is how binding works. When you click “bind” you should see a popup instruction to select the column of data you want to see.

Symptom When I paste my template and commit my changes my map template changes are not included.


1. Are standard maps templates working? If not, then the following recommendations wont matter. We will need to evaluate if there is an issue with your extension.

2. When you are in design mode and add a custom template, did you remember to click “Save XML and rebuild map”?

3. If you went from the Design Map tab and toggled Webi to reading mode, make sure you first Save your Webi document.

4. Does your template that you imported have any data hardcoded into it? Sometimes if you are testing with CMaps Analytics Designer and copy/pasting data into the app, the data can interfere with Webi