Multi-Column Sorting

Dynamic Sort enables a dashboard designer to define 1 or multiple sort columns in any logical order based on any dashboard sorting requirements. This sort order can be modified during runtime using logic or Xcelsius components to ensure maximum design flexibility.

Example-The source data below provides sales pipeline data for multiple sales reps. The goal is to first sort the data by stage, and then by sales rep.

sort source data

The Sort by Columns property should be bound to a range, where each cell indicates the column number to be sorted. When the Sort by Columns are bound to the sample below, the data will first be sorted by stage, and then by sales rep. The order for which the values are defined in the data range will control the Dynamic Sort order. For this example, the data is sorted by column 2 and then column 1. Changing the sort by columns during SWF runtime will trigger a re-sort. When binding the sort by columns property to “J2:K2” the data resulting data will look like the following: