Exporting Data to Your Desktop and Clipboard

CSV Export Button is available in the “Other” tab within the SAP Dashboards Components window.


When dragging the export button onto the desktop, a basic icon is displayed. data export component, allowing business users to copy data to their clipboard or export data to their desktop withno server software required. When

export 2

Export Properties


Export Data- Source data that will be exported to a CSV file or to the system clipboard.

Export to File– Export to file will automatically prompt a dashboard end user where they can chose the destination on their hard drive to save a file. The resulting file can be saved as CSV or TXT.

Copy to Clipboard- Copy to clipboard will save the data bound to the Export Data property to the system clipboard where it can be pasted into another program.

Note for copy to clipboard: When exporting data to the clipboard, if Excel is where the data will be pasted, use the Tab delimited format.

Delimiter Type- The delimiter type will modify how data is delimited (separated) which also adjusts the type of output. CSV Export Button offers Comma Delimited or Tab Delimited files.

Comma– A comma delimited format is most commonly used in conjunction with Excel. Using Comma delimiters will insert a “,” between each file.

Note for exporting to a file: When exporting data, if you would like to open the file immediately with Excel, use Comma delimiter

Tab– A tab delimited format is commonly used in TXT exports or when pasting into Excel.


Show Artwork– Unchecking “Show Artwork” will hide the standard icon but still allow end users to click on the component hotspot to trigger an export.