Configuring CSV Connector Filters

To refine the CSV data loaded into your Xcelsius model, you can utilize CSV Connector filtering capabilities. The CSV filter will evaluate each column within your data before it is loaded into your Xcelsius dashboard, facilitating a more scalable dashboard solution when large data volume requirements exist.

Define your filter range

CSV Filters should be bound to a cell range (row) with the same number of columns as the destination range.

Display all rows (wildcard)

If you do NOT want to filter a specific column within your range, you can simply enter an asterisk (“*”) which notifies the filter property to display all rows.

If you leave any cells within a filter range blank, it will not display any data from CSV Connector

Defining Filters

The filters property will accept one filter value (value can be alphanumeric) per cell to restrict the data set as it is inserted into the destination range. The filter property will not accept multiple filter values.

If there are additional filtering or data manipulation capabilities that you require from CSV Connector, we urge you to contact our support team to ensure additional features get included in future service packs.