Re-Projecting a Shapefile for use with CMaps Analytics

When using geographic boundary data (state, country, zip, etc), data could originate from one of many sources. ESRI Shapefiles is a format for exchanging data between various systems and as such the coordinate system used may be different from what is needed to draw on top of CMaps Analytics / GMaps Plugin. The good news, is re-projecting to the correct format is a simple process in any standard GIS tool.

In this tutorial, you will re-project a shapefile in QuantumGIS 1.8

Re-Project a Shapefile

1. Importing and Opening a Shapefile in QuantumGIS 

With QGIS open, click in the menu:
Select Layer>Add Vector Layer or click on the Add Vector Layer icon add layer
You will browse to a file location on your computer and select a .SHP file. You are required to also have the .DBF and .SHX files together to successfully import your shape file.

Save your Shapefile with New Coordinate System (projection)

1. In the main menu click  Layer>Save edits.

2. Choose the file format which should be “ESRI Shapefile”,

3. Choose the Save As Path to a location on your desktop where the new Shapefile will be saved.

4. Ensure the encoding is set to “System”

5. Change the CRS and click “Browse”

6. Select Geographic Coordinate Systems>WGS 84

7. Press OK