Getting Shapefile Centroids (center point)

A centroid is a geometric center for a polygon. Centroids are typically used when you want to display a point / pin on the center of a polygon (shape).

To obtain centroids from a shapefile, you can quickly calculate and extract the latitude,longitude point using Quantum GIS. More on editing shapefiles

1. Open Quantum GIS

2. Select Polygon Centroids menu item Vector>Geometry Tools>Polygon Centroids


3. Name the shapefile and click save

4. Select Export/Add Geometry menu item Vector>Geometry Tools>Polygon Centroids



5. If you have multiple layers in Quantum GIS, make sure you select the later with the centroids.

6. Click OK.

7. Now X/Y data columns are added in a latitude/longitude format.

8. Open the DBF file inside of Excel.

9. Concatenating the YCOORD,XCOORD columns will give you the lat/long data for plotting points in your dashboard.