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CMaps Designer is a cloud-based solution for rapid design of maps visualizations. CMaps Analytics is 100% browser-based and enables you to create, save, and run content 100% behind your corporate firewall.

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Welcome Screen


CMaps Designer: Will open CMaps Analytics Designer

Extensions: Access CMaps Analytics extensions

Knowledge Hub: Visit CMaps Designer knowledge hub

JavaScript API: View JS API Docs

JS API Examples: JS API Examples

CMaps Designer


Create a Map: Create a brand new map project where you can customize every aspect of your map before saving your project to your desktop.

Import and Edit: Import and edit a .CMAP template.

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Edit Map


The map itself has a number of editable properties that impact the behavior and appearance.

Advanced Properties

Advanced properties are for JavaScript developers and are intended to expose common events and functionality which would be used for integration.


Refresh Map

Want to see a live preview of your after making changes to map properties? Simply click “Refresh Map” to automatically display the data and properties you have configured in CMaps Analytics.

CMaps Analytics does not auto-refresh itself as you change properties. This is to ensure a fast, responsive experience.


Utilize our live help docs powered by to review how every property and function inside of CMaps Analytics operates. CMaps Analytics help is powered by

Create Layers


Create Layers

Create one or multiple layers and customize almost every aspect of your map layers and views based on business requirements. Simply refresh your map to see a live preview of your geographic data.

Layers can be assembled in any order and will contain data from different sources and contain unique visualization properties.

Layer Help

Inside each help icon is a smaller “help” icon which will launch the full help window.

Save and Export

CMaps Designer provides multiple save / export features based on the license and integrations that you sign up for or license for your enterprise. By default, you can export fully functional HTML files and CMAP templates.


RELATED ARTICLE: What is a .CMAP template?

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