Expanding your first Map with Basic Analytics

With your first map created through our Getting Started tutorial, its time to learn how to fine tune your map for business users.

Step 1: Log into CMaps Designer


Need access? Contact our team to request access or sign up here.

Step 2: Import your Map Project

Click Edit to import your saved map.

If you have not created any maps, please visit our Getting Started tutorial

Step 3: Change the default pan/zoom:

Click on the Behavior Tab

De-select Auto Zoom

Type in “San Francisco” into the Pan-To Location

Press Preview to see your new default pan/zoom location

Step 4: Enable Maker Clustering:

Click on the Appearance tab

Select Marker Clustering: This will cluster together locations on the map and provide a count

Click the Refresh Button to view your results

Step 5: Make your Clustering More Business Friendly

Click on the Layers Tab

Scroll down to your layer and click on it. This will load all of your layer properties

Scroll down to the bottom of the Appearance tab to the Cluster Style property

Select Sum

Click Save to commit your layer changes

Click refresh to view your changes

Click Save and export to HTML to re-save your changes.