Install CMaps Plugin Full Version

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1.System Configuration

Notes for Upgrading CMaps Plugin Trial to Full Version

To upgrade from a trial you will obtain a key file from CMaps Analytics team to be installed inside of your developer machine with SAP Dashboards. There is no server-side install required.

Notes for  System Configuration

Note: Ensure that you have disabled UAC (Vista and Windows 7).
Disable UAC Instructions

2. Download your Software


Download CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards

Registering and Upgrading a Trial Version to Full License

If you already have a version of CMaps Plugin installed in SAP Dashboards here are important notes to move from “trial mode” to full version.


In the trial component you copy paste the trial key (usually 9 digits) into the spreadsheet. This approach is invalidated for a full license. A full license key file will ensure you can use CMaps Plugin an authentication key file instead of a trial key.



Once you register CMaps Plugin on your desktop computer, the “Key” property will no longer appear inside of the component property sheet. Additionally, if you navigate to the Information Tab and scroll to the bottom you can obtain your license + authentication key which is used for support purposes.


5. Obtain and Install License Key File

The following process will register your product.

1. Obtain a Key File from CMaps Analytics. A key file is a SWF file. 
2. Copy the key file to C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Xcelsius 4.0\assets\propertySheets


6. Install CMaps Plugin .XLX File

Using the XLX file included inside of the zip, you will install your add-on directly inside of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.

1. Open SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
2. Go to File>Add-On Manager
3. Click Install Add-On
 Navigate to the directory where you have your XLX trial for CMaps Plugin.
5. Select the XLX file.
6. Click “Close
7. Click “Save and Close
8. You can chose to save or not save your dashboard at this point before Xcelsius closes.
9. Re-open SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
10. Your component is now ready to use within the Components window, at the bottom of the Maps folder.

Next Steps to Get Started

1. Create your first map from scratch- Hello World Tutorial

2. How to Organize your data series/layers- Read Article Watch Video

3. Check out the CMaps Plugin knowledge center- Visit Knowledge Center

Troubleshooting CMaps Plugin

SYMPTOM: When I restart Xcelsius, I get errors thrown or the canvas shows up black.
SOLUTION: This is caused when you install CMaps Plugin which is built with Flex 4, into a Flex 2 version of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (earlier than 6.0.3). If you are using an older Flex2 version of SAP Dashboards, please contact Centigon Solutions sales to check availability of using GMaps Plugin.

SYMPTOM: When I preview my dashboard works OK, but when I publish to my server I get the following error:
“Deployment to domains is not supported with the trial version of CMaps plugin. If you need support to demo the trial on your domain, please click OK and we will be happy to assist you. Please include the following url in your support request:â€�

This is expected behavior for the trial version. If you attempted to install the full version and still get this error, please log a case at our customer support portal.