Add Hoc Selectors Option for Distance and Radial Selections

Ad Hoc Selector Options

1. Normal Select: Allows 1 icon selection at a time

2. Polygon Select: Clicking on the screen will draw and connect points as an enclosed polygon. Anything within the polygon is selected.

3. Free form Select: Clicking and dragging will draw an organic shape. Releasing the mouse will enclose the shape and anything within the shape is selected.

4. Radius Click Select: Clicking on the map will use the location as a center point to draw a circle, where the distance is pre-determined in miles/kilometers. Any points within the radius is selected.

5. Free form Radius Select: Clicking on the map will use the location as a center point. Without lifting the use will define a distance. Upon lifting the mouse a radius is drawn from the starting point to the ending point.

NOTE: The Ad-hoc selector options will ignore any polygon objects drawn on the map. This capabilities is only available for icons.

Ad Hoc Selector Options with selector destination

When selection an area within the map containing multiple data points, you can utilize selector destination property to capture all of the locations, so they can be utilized in a list or calculation. This multi-selection functionality is does NOT require you to enable the multi-selction property on the General Tab. Make sure you bind a range of cells in the destination range if you are using clustering.


SYMPTOM: When you lasso or radius select multiple locations, no records or partial results are shown in the destination cells.

SOLUTION: All records in the “Location Property” must contain a value. Blanks cells or “,” as a location will conflict with data insertion. A workaround is to replace NULL cells with “0”.