Reverse Geocoding

Reverse Geocoding is the process of taking latitude and longitude coordinates and converting them to proper address / city / state / country definitions. The reverse geocoding property allows a single latitude and longitude point to be reverse geocoded, allowing dashboard developers to display the corresponding address back to the end user or use the results to filter data from your BI query.

Lat,Long Input

Bind the lat,long input to a single cell that contains a comma separated latitude and longitude point. In some cases, if your data has Latitude and Longitude in separate columns, you may need to concatenate it into a single string.

Example: 61.217735,-149.8938

Result Range

Result range is a single property that you will bind to a single column containing 8 cells: The 8 fields are in order as follows. If an error occurs during the reverse geocode request, all 8 cells will contain the word “error”.

On success

Formatted Address, Street Name, City, State, Country, CountryISO3, Latitude, Longitude

on error