How to Send us CMaps Debugging Data

If you run into a problem that is not a common symptom, there may be something that may need our intervention. We have streamlined our support process and software to ensure we can quickly uncover and resolve anything that comes up.

The following steps will quickly help us uncover problems. It is preferred that you use Chrome, but IE 10-IE 11 will also work. Please follow these instructions to get us debug content:

1. Open BOE and navigate to the place right before your issue arises or the expected behavior you are anticipated does not occur.

2. Open the browser developer tools

In IE, click on the gear icon and then Developer Tools OR press F12 on your keyboard



In Chrome, click on the menu icon, then “More Tools”, then “Developer Tools” OR Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard



3. In both cases the developer consoles have a tab called “Console.” Click on Console.

Now you will proceed through in Webi only until you have generated the symptom where CMaps Analytics extension is not functioning to specification.

4. Save the console data for our team.

In IE, you may need to take a screenshot for us.


In Chrome, right click anywhere in the window and click “Save As’