Enable the Webi Embedded Element in CMC

Enable the Webi Embedded Element in CMC

Roles needed: The following steps require someone who administrates SAP BusinessObjects through the CMC.

Step 1: Log into the SAP BusinessObjects CMC

Step 2: Select “Applications” from the CMC dropdown and then double click on “Webi”


Step 3: Right click and select “Custom Elements” from the menu

Step 5: Click Add Service

Step 6: Enter the URL to your service obtained from your server administrator who installed the extension service (WAR file).


Step 7: Click Test

You should see a “Test was successful”. Make sure there is no trailing “/” at the end of your URL.

Step 8: Check the box next to the newly installed custom element to enable it:


Step 9: Click OK

Your extension is now installed and ready for use. Inside of Webi, you should find the CMaps extension alongside other data visualizations.