Layers Basic Tab

The first step to create a new map layer is to define the name. Each layer type has distinct properties based on the visualization type and intended purpose of your layer.


Points Layer

Plot hundreds or even thousands of points on the map. Each point will represent a location, asset, event, etc as an icon that can be sized, clustered, and colored in many different ways using the various properties on the appearance and alerts tab.


Regions / Shapes

Display shapes as a layer, reflecting many different kinds of geographies. From Countries, States, Zips, and even custom regions, all regional data is currently configured as an ESRI Shapefile. All regions can have custom alerts logic that controls color and visibility. Introduction to Shapefiles Free Shapefiles Data


Lines / Routes

Display polylines representing linear assets like power lines, roadways, water lines, and other visualizations like hub/spoke diagrams.


Density Maps

Density maps provide a visual that identifies where there is a dense number of locations. As the number of points increase in a given area, density maps will render a higher color intensity.


Indoor Maps

Define indoor map layers which can be assigned to a given map. Indoor Maps designer is a new module available inside of CMaps Designer.