CMaps Plugin Mobile Properties

CMaps Plugin, version 4.1 and higher provide mobile properties that are accessible when publishing to mobile device, using SAP BusinessObjects Mobile.


To use CMaps Analytics mobile / HTML5 publishing option, you will need to have the following installed:

  • CMaps Plugin 4.1 add on component
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App for iPad


Current Location

Current location will request from the mobile device your current geo-location, which can be utilized to center the map, or request data through a BI Query. Combining current location with reverse geocoding can provide additional location metadata like state, city, and even zipcode, should you require this information to request assets, regions, and other information nearby. To use Current Location property, bind the property to a single cell. The resulting data will be “latitude,longitude”.

Note, that your end users will need to accept the app using current location, to properly obtain the current geo-location.


Directions provides a quick list of directions for two or more locations.

Note: Directions are currently not displayed visually on the map as a layer.

Map Styles

Map styles is an override specifically used for mobile views. Becasue Google Maps offers additional map tile types, you can choose one of multiple additional styles.

  • styleTypeSatellite
  • styleTypeTerrain
  • styleTypeGrayscale
  • styleTypeRoadmap
  • styleTypeHybrid
  • styleTypeMilitary


Additional Mobile Marker Keys

CMaps Analytics mobile app uses HMTL5 to overlay visualizations on top of Google Maps. As such, our team is constantly evaluating new methods for visualizing data. We have exposed new experimental visualizations that can be accessed using the Market Key property on the Appearance tab.

  • canvasSmallSimpleSquare
  • canvasDiamond
  • canvasDiamondWhiteOutline
  • canvasSquare
  • canvasSquareWhiteOutline
  • canvasCircle
  • canvasCircleWhiteOutline
  • canvasAffinityLines
  • canvasCurveLines
  • canvasAnimatedCurveLines
  • canvasAnimatedCircles
  • canvasAnimatedCirclesWhiteOutline
  • canvasImage

Where to Find Marker Key Property

Marker Key Property allows you to define 1 key per data point within a series. A key can contain a specific marker key to display a standard GMaps Plugin icon, or a URL to display a custom icon. View the Standard Key table for a complete list of available icons.


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