Designer Layers alerts

When importing data into CMaps Analytics and include a column containing a measure (numeric value), Alerts will dictate the color and style based on set thresholds.

CMaps Analytics support 3 alert types:

1. Heatmaps / Choropleths– Uses the values from your data to automatically calculate alert levels and colors.

2.Target Based- Uses a unique target present in your data  for each location in the layer to measure the alert level.

3. Value Inputs– Uses numeric thresholds for all locations in your layer.

Heatmaps / Choropleths


Target Based

Target alerts measure a value and target for each location displayed in the map to control color.

For example, if Texas value is 20 and the target is 100, Target Based alerts would automatically calculate the % of target (20%) and assign the appropriate color based on developer defined limits.


Value Inputs

Value alerts set value thresholds for all locations displayed on the map. Based on value thresholds the locations will change color or style.

Alert Levels

Alert levels are are entered into a text box, and will dictate how many thresholds can be set. Each Alert Level will contain a value or % of target value. A single level will contain a Limit, Color and Style (icons only).


Defining Alert Limits– Alert limits are entered directly into text boxes.

When using Target Based alerts, % values are entered into Limit text boxes. No decimal points are required.


Choosing Color: Color pickers are available for each alert level. Alert colors are used to visually contrast data points or indicate how dashboard end users perceive the status of the point or region.

Choosing Icons: Available for address/lat,long feature only, icon selection is available for each alert level. If dynamic icons are required, the Icon bind property will globally control icons for all alert levels. Bind the icon property to a data range with the same number of cells as alert levels. For a list of icon keys, view Icon Styles.

Alert Definitions: Color order indicates how alert colors / icons are rendered. A developer can choose if high values are “Good� or “Bad�.

Example: Revenue is evaluated as “Good = Green� while costs are evaluated as “Bad = Red�.