Designer Layers Appearance


Initially Visible

When the map is initialized make the layer invisible by default.

Mouse Enabled

Transform the layer into a visual that end users can not interact with.

Layer Transparency 0-100 (0 = Transparent, 100 = Visible)

Set layer transparency. This property is particularly useful when using Shapefiles, allowing base map layers to still be visible.

Layer Color

Set a color for the entire layer. CMaps Analytics Designer provides multiple modes to customize your colors.



Icon Style

CMaps Designer ships with over 20 highly optimized icons from basic cycles, to 3D cubes.

Do you need a specific icon style we are missing? Request additional icon styles, and our team of designers will add it to the list.

Default Icon Size (pixels)

Set the default icon size using a numeric value, which conveniently represents pixels

Use Logarithmic Scale

Logarithmic scale is used in conjunction with Dynamic Icon Sizing. This feature is particularly convenient if there are extreme outliers  that would impede with the visualization of most points.

Cluster Style

Clustering will aggregate locations by proximity. Cluster style will combine and aggregate by count or sum, providing aggregation and drilling by geography.