CMaps Dynamic Sizing and Positioning Properties

CMaps Plugin 4.1.1 and beyond supports dynamic positioning and sizing of the entire map experience using 4 bindable properties. Located at the bottom of the appearance tab, you can bind X /Y position of your map relative to the canvas and values and width / height.


X & Y Position

0,0 represents the upper left corner of your map being placed in the upper left corner of the canvas. The values placed in X and Y properties assign the relative position of your map’s upper left corner to the entire canvas. As you increase the value for X or Y it will shift your map component downward and to the right on your canvas. As you can see below a value of 20 will shift the map left 20 pixels. Y value of 10 will shift the canvas down 10 pixels.


Width and Height

Width and height properties are measured in pixels and the size of the map is expanded from the upper left corner of the map. As you increase the value for width and height, the map size will expand downward and right.



  • Mobile publishing of dashboards does not support width and height and will instead use the default dimensions.
  • The width and height properties only support pixels and not percentages.
  • Only numeric values should be bound to the width and height properties.