Choropleths and Heatmaps in 10 Clicks

With your first map created through our Getting Started tutorial, its time to learn how to fine tune your map for business users.

Step 1: Log into CMaps Designer

Need access? Contact our team to request access or sign up here.

Step 2: Create Your New Map View

Click “New” to create a new map

Step 3: Create your Shape Map Layer:

Click on the Shapes Map layer

You can use your own custom shapefile our one of the common administrative areas we include out of the box.

Select “States” from the Shapefile Type dropdown

Select “United States of America” from the Shapefile Dropdown

Step 4: Setup your Choropleths / Heatmaps:

Click on the Alerts Tab

Select the Choropleth / Alerts Option

Set the Levels you would like to see in your Heatmaps

Select the Start and End Color

Step 5: See your new Choropleth with real Data

Click on the Data Tab

Select “Copy/Paste from Excel” from the Select Data Source dropdown


Copy and Paste the following data directly into CMaps Designer.

Alabama	 	Alabama	 	82
Alaska	 	Alaska	 	100
Arizona	 	Arizona	 	8
Arkansas	 	Arkansas	 	22
California	 	California	 	84
Colorado	 	Colorado	 	65
Connecticut	 	Connecticut	 	93
Delaware	 	Delaware	 	82
District of Columbia	 	District of Columbia	 	99
Florida	 	Florida	 	32
Georgia	 	Georgia	 	59
Hawaii	 	Hawaii	 	63
Idaho	 	Idaho	 	11
Illinois	 	Illinois	 	37
Indiana	 	Indiana	 	63
Iowa	 	Iowa	 	88
Kansas	 	Kansas	 	8
Kentucky	 	Kentucky	 	30
Louisiana	 	Louisiana	 	28
Maine	 	Maine	 	20
Maryland	 	Maryland	 	21
Massachusetts	 	Massachusetts	 	1
Michigan	 	Michigan	 	98
Minnesota	 	Minnesota	 	88
Mississippi	 	Mississippi	 	7
Missouri	 	Missouri	 	39
Montana	 	Montana	 	73
Nebraska	 	Nebraska	 	21
Nevada	 	Nevada	 	2
New Hampshire	 	New Hampshire	 	30
New Jersey	 	New Jersey	 	49
New Mexico	 	New Mexico	 	21
New York	 	New York	 	5
North Carolina	 	North Carolina	 	92
North Dakota	 	North Dakota	 	21
Ohio	 	Ohio	 	11
Oklahoma	 	Oklahoma	 	27
Oregon	 	Oregon	 	67
Pennsylvania	 	Pennsylvania	 	56
Rhode Island	 	Rhode Island	 	73
South Carolina	 	South Carolina	 	22
South Dakota	 	South Dakota	 	98
Tennessee	 	Tennessee	 	22
Texas	 	Texas	 	84
Utah	 	Utah	 	68
Vermont	 	Vermont	 	86
Virginia	 	Virginia	 	87
Washington	 	Washington	 	1
West Virginia	 	West Virginia	 	27
Wisconsin	 	Wisconsin	 	14
Wyoming	 	Wyoming	 	18


Step 6: Save and Preview your Layer

Press Preview to See the result:

Press Save and Export to HTML to save your project