Building Google Maps Views for Google Sheets with CMaps Designer

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CMaps Analytics Extension Google Sheets, provides custom Google Maps visualizations right inside of your spreadsheet. With CMaps Analytics Designer you can create your ultimate maps experience from your browser, and import templates into Google Sheets, so you can connect to your spreadsheet data.


What is a custom template?

A custom template can include your custom regions and territories, public facing feeds with weather, standard geographies like country, state and zip, advanced visualizations for drive time and hub-spoke diagrams. Simply Open CMaps Analytics Designer, create your map, publish to Google Drive and import it into any Google Sheet.


Have created a first Google Map in Google Sheets

Build a Map Template with CMaps Analytics Designer


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Learn how to build your first map in CMaps Analytics Designer

Expanding your first Map’s Business Value

Known Compatibility Limitations

  1. CMaps Analytics Add-On for Google Sheets currently supports single layer maps only. This is currently under development and will be supported soon.

Exporting Map Template from CMaps Analytics Designer

The output of CMaps Analytics Designer is a template file (.CMAPS). This file contains all of the details you will need to build maps.

With CMaps Analytics Designer open, and your desired map view created,  Click on the Save and Export” which will display all of the export options available to you.


Save a Template / Project file to your local PC.

Load CMaps Analytics Template into Google Sheets

With Google Sheets open in your web browser, click on Add-Ons > CMaps Analytics> Start


Select the Design Tab


Link your .CMAPS template from Google Drive OR from a URL.

Load from Google Drive


Select Google Drive

Click on the radio button for the template you would like to use.

Hover over the “i” icons to view descriptions which can be edited in Google Drive.


Load from URL

If you would like to host your template on another internal / external server, you can load a template into CMaps Analytics Add-on using a URL.

You must use a URL with HTTPS to successfully load your template.


Set the Data Properties to your Spreadsheet Columns Capture

Select the column that corresponds with each property using the dropdowns. The first row for your data will contain the titles used in the dropdown.


Regions- For regions like states, countries, counties, etc, the data contained in the Location column must correspond to the Shapefile keys.