Create your first Google Map in Google Sheets

1. Install the Add-On

Install / User Guide

2. Open CMaps Analytics Add-On


Click Add-ons>CMaps Analytics>Start

3. Add Sample Data to your Spreadsheet


At the bottom of the data tab, click Create Sample Data

CMaps Analytics will create a new tab with sample data with descriptions.


4. Connect Data Properties to Columns

Click on the dropdown for “Locations” and select the locations column


Repeat this step for Labels, Values, and Color

Click on the “?” icon for a complete description of each property, or review the User Guide

5. Select your Maps Design

Click on the Design tab

Click on the map design image, or click on the dropdown

For your first map, you can select one of the first 6 templates.


6. View your Map

Click on the View Map tab

Now you can view the sample data in your map template of choice.

Click Maximize button


Now you can explore your data in a larger window


Click the close button in the upper right corner of the popup.


Export Data Back to Sheets

CMaps Analytics contains multiple features to make maps more useful in a spreadsheet application. Currently the map tools are available when the map is maximized


Visible on Map

As you pan and zoom in CMaps Analytics, it will filter out locations that are not visible on the map. Clicking on “Visible on Map� will export on the visible locations to a brand new tab.

Selected on Map

Using the “Multi-Select� options in CMaps located in the upper right corner, you can use a variety of interactions and gestures to select items within the map. When you select more than 1 location, you gain the ability to export those selected item to a new tab by clicking “Selected on Map�


What’s Next?

  1. Now you have the basics down you can start building maps with your own data.
  2. Want more maps templates for your data? Check out CMaps Analytics Designer