Plugins are not showing up in the Components window

If plugin components are installed, yet do not appear in the components window, there can be a few  reasons depending on what version of Windows and what components you are using the following describes the scenarios.

For Windows XP Users:

You will need to ensure that you have administrative rights and can run SAP Dashboards as an administrator. Right click and click “run as administrator”. The add-on manager only needs these rights for install and un-install of add-ons. This is because the add-on manager in SAP Dashboards  copies files and modifies files located in your Program Files directory. Without administrative rights, this is not possible which is why the components do not appear.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users:

You will need to disable UAC before you can install any components. SAP Dashboards may actually crash without UAC disabled. Learn how to disable UAC

For CSV Connector:

When you install the CSV Connector add-on, the component will appear in the Data Manager as an additional connection… Not inside of the components window. With CSV Connector V3, you will get an export component that appears in the Connectivity folder of the components.

For GMaps Plugin

The GMaps Plugin component will be added to the bottom of the Maps category in the components window

Essentials Bundle.

All 4 Essentials Bundle Components will appear at the bottom of the Other category in components.