Missing map tiles are showing as gray squares

When you initialize a map, if you are seeing small gray squares, that is a unpleasant user experience issue that you can approach with two potential fixes.


In live connected dashboards when you are refreshing queries alongside map tiles, and shapefiles, Flash player can interrupt HTTP connections when there are too many. Unfortunately, this is more of a framework level adjustment that we don’t have access to as an extension/add-on. Instead we have created 2 approaches to help ensure this does not become a problem:

1. You can delay the map initializing completely until your queries have populated. Requires CMaps Plugin 4.1.6.

Learn more about Override Map Auto-Creation

2. You can use the trigger map re-size property originally introduced for mobile but now supported for Flash. This will trigger the map to re-factor itself slightly to toggle the missing tiles to refresh.

It is generally recommended to use #1 with the introduction of Override Map Auto-Creation