CMaps Plugin Showing up as a Small Square

If CMaps Plugin renders on your screen as a small square, there could be a number of factors interfering with the map causing it to fail.

1. Multiple maps in 1 dashboard- If you have multiple map components in a single dashboard the two maps will conflict with each other, even if they are not visible at the same time.

SOLUTION: Use the new map sizing and positioning properties to create multiple map views.

2. Grouping CMaps Plugin with other components- Generally, you do not want to group CMaps Plugin with other components in SAP Dashboards. If you do and bind global properties like Dynamic Visibility, it will break the map.

SOLUTION: Avoid grouping CMaps Plugin with other components.

3. Lots of Query Refreshes “On-load” or using “Refresh Before Components are loaded

SOLUTION: With CMaps Plugin 4.1.6, we have added a new refresh trigger property that will help address a timing issue introduced when loading multiple queries on-load. Click here to learn more about this property and best practices for triggering data refresh in SAP Dashboards