Map does not appear in browser after working in SAP Dashboards

Your map works perfectly but fails when you publish it. The following will walk you through troubleshooting to get to the bottom of the problem.

A. If you are a trial user, you will need to contact Centigon Solutions sales team to get access to the enterprise trial.

B. If you have a full copy of GMaps Plugin and are using the SSL version, you will need to install the Non-SSL version if your web site / BusinessObjects site is not accessed via HTTPS.

C. If you have registered your domains with Centigon and still don’t see a map or get the client ID error you may need to see if the SWF is hosted on different server/domain than the web page.

  1. 1. If you right click in the browser outside of the SWF object and click “View Source� it will give you the HTML.
  2. 2. Do a search for “.swf�. It should jump you to the full URL for the SWF. Can you see if the domain is the same as the URL that you type in the browser or is it something else? If it is different than what you reported to Centigon, simply submit the new URL via email or support case.

C. If A & B do not work there is something interfering with the connection to Google servers or there is some disconnect between the URL that we have on record and what the SWF file is sending to Google. We will want to trace the request to make sure the request is making its way to Google Maps servers. Centigon does not intercept or interfere with these requests.

  1.  Download Fiddler (
  2. Open Fiddler and then open your dashboard.
  3. Fiddler will trace all of the requests going to Google
  4. File>Capture Traffic (make sure it is unchecked). This will stop fidder from tracing HTTP requests
  5. You can delete anything that you don’t want us to see. Please leave any traffic going to Google servers
  6. Save the Fiddler session (save > all sessions).
  7. Send to us.

D. The third potential root cause seldom the problem is a firewall blocking requests to specific Google servers. The previous steps would indicate if this is a possibility. In that case we have a complete list of Google servers that GMaps uses which we can pass along. Please contact us for more details