How many points can I load into CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards?

CMaps Analytics is designed with a proprietary icon rendering technique, designed to squeeze as many points into a map view as the browser will allow. While the total number of points can vary based on the complexity of your application, the following are guidelines for various CMaps Analytics solutions.

CMaps Plugn for SAP Dashboards

This Flash based plugin will consume 1000-3000 data points at a time before performance issues can slow down map run time performance. Performance is dictated not only be the number of points, but also the number of dependencies to input a value into the map. For example, 3000 points bound to latitude/longitude where there are no formulas will perform significantly faster than a 3000 cells controlled by IF() or INDEX() formulas.

For perfrormance best pracices for CMaps Plugin please review this article: CMaps Plugin performance best practices

Displaying tens of thousands to millions of points:

Similar to traditional SAP Dashboard design principles and best practices, one map within a dashboard is technically capable of displaying millions of data points. However, it does require parameterized queries. Based on a user’s selection or interaction, the dashboard will re-fetch the appropriate data to populate within a map. THis technique provides a greater opportunity to scale your maps.

Mobile Dashboards with CMaps Plugin

With CMaps Analytics mobile integration with HTML5, data volume is limited to the HTML5 App limitations. Per recommended dashboard best practices, it is not recommended to have more than 4000 cells of data within a single dashboard.