Why is CMaps Plugin / GMaps Plugin not showing points on a map

1. Is series visibility set to off? If you are using series visibility, make sure the Status cell = Key.

2. Are you using latitude longitude? If you are using lat,long data make sure you have a comma separated latitude,longitude value in a single cell, bound to the address and NOT longitude,latitude.

3. Are you using addresses data? It is not recommended to use more than 50 addresses at a time, to ensure data points appear within 10 seconds. Otherwise you could experience long loading times.

If you are using the geocode behavior, CMaps Plugin and GMaps Plugin will send each region to the geocoder on a timed interval at roughly 200MS per point. If you have hundreds or thousands of points, GMaps Plugin will geocode a majority of the points before they show up in the map. Because each request is sent one at a time, you can have hundreds of HTTP requests originating from your dashboard, which can conflict with data queries and the map experience.

With CMaps Plugin, a geocode governor of 1000 points is implemented to ensure dashboards do not cause un-necessary network traffic and poor user experiences. For example, 1000 geocodes takes approximately 3.3 minutes. With expected load times generally recommended under 5 seconds, it is not recommended to batch geocode in real-time.

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