Release Notes: CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards

The following is a list of new features for each CMaps Plugin release


  • Resolved dynamic icon sizing bug: When more than 1 layer dynamic zoom caused points to not be visible
  • Resolved flash SSL issue related to base maps not appearing when using SSL introduced with 4.5.3


    • Addition of new enhanced batch geocoder cache for mobile views
    • Added support for CMaps Analytics hotfix


  • Added new mobile base layer option


  • Hotfix to enable HTTPS based mobile from CMaps Analytics
  • Upgrade HTML5 CMapsAnalyticsJS API V2.0

New Recommendations for White Listing Domains:


  • *

FOR SSL (Optional)




  • Pan-To Location not working resolved


  • Pan-To Location not working resolved


  • Upgrade to geocoding API
  • Upgrade HTML5 CMapsAnalyticsJS API V2.0


  • New HTML5 Map viewer upgraded to CMapsAnalytics.JS API v1.1.32
  • Resolved mobile icon size property not working
  • Resolved mobile alert icon coloring
  • Resolved mobile geocoding logic adjustment for Google governer
  • Resolved dynamic icon sizing scale not operational.
  • Upgrade to latest Google Maps JS API
  • Various maps performance improvements


  • Resolved Shapefile glow bug, which prohibited shapefile selection. New behavior changes entire shape color.


  • Added zoom levels 16-19 for Satellite imagery for sharper, more detailed images
  • Fixed white borders on left and right side of map
  • Zoom level 0 is now supported for smaller maps


  • Map re-size property on Mobile Tab will also refresh for Adobe Flash
  • Critical MapBox fix for tile shifting.


  • New Override Map Auto-Creation property
  • Significant performance improvement to dynamic icon sizing
  • Resolved dynamic zoom not recalculating and zooming in in on data refresh
  • Resolved map tile blur / quality issue for MapBox layers
  • Resolved “Disable Mouse Input” property on appearance tab which was not functioning
  • Resolved map jumping during rendering of points for geocoding
  • Resolved rendering failed geocodes as 0,0



  • Selector re-insertion fix- Selection of a single layer no longer triggers re-insert for all layers.


  • Minor fixes for mobile Mobile viewing

4.1.2 (also 4.0.2) Enhancements and Changes

4.1.0 Enhancements and Changes

  • Added Support for mobile publishing to SAP BusinessObjects 4.1
  • Added new mobile tab
    • New current geolocation
    • New directions feature and directions visibility
    • Support for mobile Google Maps layers for mobile only

4.0.1 Enhancements and Changes

  • New heat map (density map) loading status
  • New polygon selector output lat,longs
  • New Label icon type (displays labels on map)
  • Fixed help icon mappings to new CentigonKnowledge site
  • Fixed heatmap (density map) dynamic visibility un-hinging
  • Fixed WMS projection support
  • Fixed CSV URL Input for polygons and polylines

4.0 Enhancements and Changes- CMaps Plugin

  • New TomTom map base layers
  • Re-branded to CMaps Plugin
  • New CMaps Analytics API for Flash
  • Increased shapefile rendering speed
  • Increased point rendering speed
  • Increased map / pan zoom performance
  • New map zoom controller
  • InfoWindow Designer Property
  • Bindable Dynamic Zoom property
  • Current Map Center Point Property (lat,ling)
  • Reverse Geocoding property
  • Bindable Dynamic Icon Sizing Toggle
  • Bindable Cluster Marker Toggle
  • Bindable Add-Hoc Selector Options
  • Bi-Directional Radius Selection Properties
  • Grouped points are now selectable
  • Grayscale Map Style
  • Fixed add / remove property sheet
  • Mobile Tab Added (to be enabled Early Q4 2013)
  • DEPRECATED: Flex2 Support
  • DEPRECATED: Map Skin Designer Tab
  • DEPRECATED: Google Maps Satellite and Terrain (Satellite View to be re-introduced in future CMaps version)

3.6.1 Enhancements (also applied to 3.5.1 for Flex2)

  • Resolved geocoding grouped points bug
  • Resolved grouping icon bug in selector pane window
  • Applied WMS patch for ESRI WMS services
  • Official Support for SAP Dashboards 6.0.5
  • Updated Info tab with latest documentation and support links

3.6 Enhancements

  • Support for Flex 4 version of SAP Dashboards (6.0.4)

3.5 Enhancements

  • Marker clustering
  • Ad-hoc selector options:
    • Polygon Select
    • Free form Select
    • Radius Click Select
    • Free form Radius Select
  • Multi-selection for clustering and ad-hoc selector features
  • Series selection toggle
  • Runtime Map Style Selector
  • Series transparency control
  • Improved Zoom performance
  • WMS Dynamic Visibility

3.0.1 Enhancements

  • Label marker type
  • Bindable runtime Enable Multiple Selection property
  • Performance enhancement (up to 2X) for non-glow marker series

3.0 Enhancements

  • Shapefile key and order keys for dynamic shape visibility
  • Custom shape order property removes reliance on DBF data structure
  • WMS Connectivity and property sheet table
  • Map Style Designer
  • New map themes
  • Dynamic Selection De-Select
  • Alerts Tab with dynamic color, icon type and alert thresholds
  • In Dependant Selector Configuration per Series
  • Custom Icon Support (SWF, PNG, JPG)
  • Icon Key Property to Change standard Icons dynamically
  • Dynamic Bindable Icon toggle
  • Selected item Un-Select with -1
  • Latest Google Zoom/Pan Controls
  • Fixed drag navigation / mouse events
  • Enabled scroll wheel zoom
  • Reselect option removed when in single select mode
  • Improved Help Integration
  • New Dashboard Templates

2.1 Enhancements

  • Up to 10X performance
  • Geocode data points before rendering in map for performance
  • Geocoding notification message
  • Support for multi-ring shapefiles
  • New data insertion methods (row, column)
  • Multi-Selection capabilities
  • Selected Item property
  • Display Info Window on selected item
  • New Info Window logic opens Info Window in correct direction without panning map
  • Streamlined Info Window design
  • Bi-directional zoom property (captures map zoom inputs)
  • Development mode (Premier and Bundle Developer version only)
  • Show Info Window on click, roll over, or both
  • Icon selection glow
  • Polygon Outline color picker
  • Hide polygon outline
  • Expanded Icon Library

2.0 Enhancements

  • Draw polygons and polylines/routes with spreadsheet data
  • Draw polygons and polylines/routes directly from CSV file
  • Draw polygons and polylines with direct ESRI Shapefiles
  • Auto-geocode will only geocode addresses and not Lat,Long
  • Logarithmic scale for dynamic icon sizing
  • Heat map data type to visualize density
  • Dynamic Icon colors relocated to appearance tab
  • Transparent shapefile fill
  • Simplified property sheet design with in-line help