Building maps with CMaps Analytics for SAP Dashboards will require existing knowledge for building  apps with SAP Dashboards. For an existing dashboard developer learning CMaps Analytics is easy. Like any software solution, once you get past basic concepts, you can hone in on power user features.

Here are 5 concepts that will save you a lot of time, as you move from basic single layer maps to rich Location Intelligence experiences:

1. Creating multiple map views in a dashboard.

A technique often used with SAP Dashboards to provide multiple “views” of data is to layer multiple charts. CMaps Analytics does not support multiple map components, but does provide power features for dynamically sizing and moving the map on the canvas.



2. Using a multi-layer map as a selector

When you build a multi-layer map and want end users to interact with layers, you will use the map as a “selector” component. Unlike a single layer map, multi-layer maps come with one distinct limitation inherited from SAP Dashboards’ Excel roots. The following article demonstrates a simple process to have CMaps Analytics insert multiple layers.



3. Creating regions and territory layers

The top request for maps is drawing common administrative areas like country or zipcode, or creating custom regions and territories. For CMaps Plugin you can still leverage the data and utilities we have put together for you.


4. Performance tuning tips

Performance is critical, so understanding how CMaps Analytics works and how to get more data into your dashboard, will ensure you don’t put your users in a position where performance is compromised. In this article you will learn:

  • Integration with dashboards with lots of queries
  • Geocoding and batch geocoding tricks


5. Using Alerts and Creating Choropleths

Alerts provide a foundation to create many different alerting options within CMaps Plugin. The following article illustrates how to use Excel logic to create choropleths.



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