CMaps Analytics Product Definitions and Bundling

The following document is not a list of products and integrations but rather an overview of how we package CMaps Analytics up. Detailed SKUs, pricing, and bundles are listed on the PRICE LISTS


CMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects

Formerly known as GMaps Plugin, now CMaps Plugin, this is an Adobe Flash based maps API and extension for SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius). This solution bundles MapBox and TomTom (until July 2015).

Add-On License for CMaps Analytics HTML5 + Google Maps
CMaps Analytics HTML5 solution is powered by CMaps Analytics JS API and Google Maps and offers a variety of options for integration with SAP BusinessObjects including but not limited to Mobile dashboards and Web Intelligence.

Future Integrations for SAP BusinessObjects

Other SAP Integrations
CMaps Analytics Designer can be utilized in conjunction with other modern SAP HTML5 / Javascript APIs and SDKs including but not limited to SAPUI5, CVOM, and others.


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CMaps Analytics Suite / Platform

CMaps Analytics new, modern approach to embedded Location Intelligence provides a cloud designer for highly customized maps experiences.

CMaps Analytics suite also includes native and partner extensions / integrations for Business Intelligence and various business apps.


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CMaps Analytics Bundles (with Maps Licensing)

  1. Annual page views
  2. CMaps Plugin Developer subscriptions
  3. Support accounts

The following information can be forwarded directly to customers, if they require an explanation of what’s included with CMaps Analytics for SAP Dashboards.

1. Annual Page Views

CMaps Analytics provides a pre-determined volume of annual page views through a third-party license with MapBox, TomTom and/or Google. Annual page views are a critical component to the CMaps Analytics suite, which also include auxiliary services including but not limited to:

  • Map tiles / base layers
  • Geocoding

Definition of “Page View�: When the Licensed Software initialized a connection to cloud map service (Google Maps or TomTom Maps), it is immediately count a single Page View. Additional Page Views will not be counted until the Licensed Software is re-initialized.

Third party licenses:

Javascript API / HTML5

  • Google Maps API

Flash API- Used only with CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards

  • MapBox
  • TomTom

Page View Sizing:

Please use our page view and sizing guide to help explain and walk your customers through the estimation process for various bundles: View Page View Scaling Guide (available to Resellers Only)

CMaps Plugin Developer Subscriptions: Named Users

CMaps Plugin Developers are named users which grant the ability to create custom maps.

  • User for

Security overview

Support Account Subscriptions

Included with any Centigon Solutions product(s) is a subscription to access Centigon Solutions support portal. This portal is the hub where all management for software downloads, license keys, software downloads, annual page view tracking, console to manage GMaps Mobile users and accounts.

  • Admin User– Can access all license keys case
  • Standard User– Can access license keys, cases, and software downloads assigned specifically to the contact record.