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Components and Features


Accordion Menu

Calendar Component + Hide 

Pie Chart Advanced

Using Selectors

List Builder

Pop-Up in Dashboard

Single Value – Sliders Components

Table to Chart Link in Dashboard

Trend Analyzer

Multi-Tab Dashboard
Using Stacked Colmnn to Create Waterfall Chart
Interactive Geo Maps – Getting Started with CMaps Plugin



Drill-Down 2

Chart Drill Down

Cascade Selectors 1 (session 7)

Cascade Selector 2 (session 10)

Data Interactivity – multi selectors 


Dynamic Visibility – User Control

Dynamic Visibility – Overlays (session 4)

Combo Box and Dynamic Visibility


Alert/Alarm Feature

Alert Color Binding

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Getting Started

Good Dashboards Intro Demo
Beginners Guide 1

Beginners Guide 2
Beginners Guide 3

Beginners Guide 4

Working with Data / Logic


V-LOOKUP in Dashboard

Use Filtered Data instead of complex VLOOKUP

Dynamic Filtering

Filtering and Aggregate Data with Filtered Summary

Dashboard Pivot Table

Learn Excel Pivot Tables with Slices

Top 10 Rank n Stack Formulation
What if Analysis

UI / Design

Business Value – UI – UX Clean Design

5 Design Principles

Connectivity Options

Web Service Connect

Structured XML Data Connection & Feed

Unstructured XML RSS Data Feed

XML RSS News Feed Ticker

SQL Data Connection (part 1)

SQL Data Connection (part 2)

SQL Data Connection (part 3)