Working with the Column Filter Property

Filtered Summary can filter data dynamically using column filter property. Each column can contain a unique filter property which should always be bound to a single cell. The column filter property is an optional property for each column and a blank filter will result in an “All” selection for a column. Once a filter property is bound to a cell, it will require a value to be present to ensure data is loaded.

When defining filter columns for any column, bind the filter columns to a single cell. Do NOT bind the filter columns to a range. To define multiple multiple values, insert or concatenate comma separated values to filter two or more distinct values. In this example, we use two names. This will filter all data using the two comma separated values.

NOTE: Defining multiple filter values- To use multiple filter values, input a comma separated string into the bound filter property cell.

NOTE: Display all values- To display all records, use the asterisk “*” symbol.

Data Destination Preview: